Friday, April 12, 2013

My First CouchSurfing Experience

Last week I thought I would be working here in McAllen  on Monday.   I logged onto Couch Surfing and found two people who answered right away.   I then found out the event was switched to today.   I had to send an email to my host and tell her I couldn't make it but appreciated her offer.   I went back to CS and found another for Friday but was then told they had surfers for the weekend.   I thanked them and they wrote back and asked me to come over for dinner anyway.  

I got here yesterday and ran my errands.  Aldy called me in the afternoon to see if I was still up for  dinner and I told yes.   Turns out their house is just minutes from my hotel.   I got there not knowing what to expect.  I pulled into the apartment parking lot (they gave me the gate code) and I found their building.  I parked next to a new Class B Sprinter based rv and thought, I wonder if that belongs to them. 

Got to the door and it was as if we had known each other for years.  We talked all night about all kinds of things.  Aldy and Yani are from Puerto Rico, she is a nurse and he works from home for a software company.  They are right up our alley.  They want to rv and travel and most of all retire early. They are already set to come down and stay the weekend sometime soon in Monterrey.  They want to learn the ropes of Mexico so they can bring their rv.  The rv I saw is theirs.

Yani fixed a great dinner, Indian  food, spicy with curry and rice.  I brought a bottle of wine and we spent a fun evening.  I think we could really get into CS more.  Based on Kevin and Ruth's experiences it looks like we will meet many more in the future.


  1. Excellent, good for you. I think we have now had 40 different couchsurfing experiences. Not a bad one yet!

    Just got confirmation from another one. Our next couchsurfing host is in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

  2. If you get a chance you might mention to your new Puerto Rico friends that you know people who used to live on Vieques - that's us. Vieques is part of PR but a different island of the east end of the main island. We owned our house there from 1998 to 2006. I would be interested to see if they have any comments.........B

  3. Wow! We've been to Vieques on numerous occasions to camp and ride our bikes. Small world. Aldy

  4. Chris, yet another new experience. Good for you, that is what life is all about, change!