Monday, April 1, 2013

What A Week It Was!

We said goodbye to Croft and Norma yesterday morning.  We caravaned for about 30 kms where we left them to continue on their way.  We headed to our piece of land in Allende where the original sales office and palapa is.  We parked in the big palapa and set up for the day.  We visited with neighbors and had a nice nap.  Another new house is going up in the neighborhood so that is good news.  Land prices here around the house have skyrocketed in the last six months with some places selling land at 3100 to 4800 pesos per sq meter, where just last year it was 2000 pesos.  Looks like things have turned around and time to put the house back on the market.  San Jose is still buried upside down in our backyard (supposedly it helps to sell a house, I'm not a firm believer but hey, whatever it takes!).

Today we have an appointment with VW to have the Pointer serviced.  It has a little rattle here and there plus it is time for a check up.

Maybe tomorrow I will post some pics of how the weekend finished at Monte Sur and explain how the place works.  There are many around Mexico and if you are a resident you can join a club.  I can tell you now, it's cheap and it can always be used as a home base.

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