Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grocery Shopping and Holidays


Today is Diá del Niño, everyone gets crazy buying gifts, food, and cakes for their kids.  Parents leave work early, usually at lunch, and go  home to be with their kids.  Schools make a holiday out of it with presentations and parties for the kids.  Truly a great day for family.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and although we have changed many holidays to Monday, this is one that cannot be changed.  Next Monday, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo as an example of a holiday that has been moved.

We went grocery shopping today so I thought I would post our purchase.  This will last us two weeks at least with the exception of a couple produce purchases such as brocoli, cauliflower, etc.  Tomatoes were 2.95 a kilo so we got 1.5 kilos, or three pounds at .35 U.S.  Juan will make a couple of jars of salsa that we will use during this time. 

 This included five dozen eggs (I eat 4-6 egg whites a day for my workout), ground pork, ground turkey, sliced turkey breast, two liters of milk, yogurt, spices, laundry soap, softner, veggies, peanuts, olives, well the list goes on.  Total cost was 895 pesos or $71 U.S.   As Kevin and Ruth say, "you gotta love Mexico".


  1. Oops, I forgot the two liters of vodka :)

  2. Wow good deal!

    I bought 2 bananas today for 50 cents! A crime.