Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Knew There Had To Be More


Okay, I know what you are already thinking but it's not that.   Last month our state legislature put a new law into effect, Codigo Ambar or Amber Alert.  As I am sure all of you are well aware, Mexico and human rights groups have complained for years about the disappearance of Mexicans.  No doubt, just like everywhere else in the world, it happens.   Many blame the last six years and organized crime on this phenomenon and rightly so.   What they have discovered and I have said this in the past, is that many people just don't leave anything behind.  No dental records, no fingerprints, no DNA to speak of and for reasons that can be dismissed to poverty, lack of education and money.

Now we have the new alert in effect.  Calls are coming in like crazy and the local news and newspapers are posting the pictures, clues, and information about the missing kids.  Every story has two sides.   Young girls seem to head up the list of the missing.   News channels here in Monterrey make telenovelas out of a news story.  They visit the family of the missing child, have pictures of the likely suspect who may have "kidnapped" the child.   After, they do their investigative work and find the family of the supposed culprit.  

Let the truth will out.  They are guys who have lured "unsuspecting" teenagers out of their homes because they are poor and are looking for a way out.  They are now living with the boyfriend who may be twice the girl's age.   They don't want to return home and insist they are happy where they are at.

Think back, Mexico City earthquake 1985, Hurricane Katrina, the organized crime war going on here in Mexico, unhappy teenagers who are preyed upon by sexual perverts.   This is nothing new, people for centuries have used major disasters and calamities as a way to escape hardship and unhappy relationships not to mention financial problems, the law and criminal element.

I've always known this but now it is confirmed.  Not to say people are truly stolen, we know that is a common practice in the U.S. and other countries to pick a kid up off the street.  I'll leave it there without all the gory details.

I thought it was interesting though.  Maybe an answer to unsolved mysteries.

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