Friday, April 19, 2013

Ready To Hit The Road!

I got  a call Wednesday to take a job next week in Sinaloa.  I knew about it for some time, but I wasn't sure it would materialize.   So I take off Sunday for Culiacan.  Two days there, one in Los Mochis and then back down to Mazatlan.  Hopefully I'll be back home Thursday night.  

I finished redoing the dresser drawers in the trailer.  I also rewired the leaf blower.  It is not the most expensive model and over the years yanking on the extension cord pulled one of the male contacts.  I took it apart before and fixed it but it happened again.  This time,  I took out the male end and got to the wires.  I added an old piece of an extension cord.  That should hold it for awhile.

I have to say, I thought it was a bit silly to lockdown all of Boston.   This is not the first time there is a manhunt and they never locked down a whole metro area.   I think they want to show that they can't be beat, flex their muscle.  Unfortunately, I believe they will find out these kids worked on their own.  There is no proof yet that they had long-term plans for this or had any connections to any terrorist group.  The sad part is that "if" they did this (the jury is still out as these two are suspects, well, now only one is a suspect.  It will be deep shit if they find out that they didn't do it) it will truly affect their fellow Chechenians and their Muslim religion.  People seem to go ape shit over this type of thing and you will hear all kinds of things about Muslims when in reality it is a relative small group of people.   Muslims are highly religious and don't believe in violence much less terrorism.  Truly a sad event and I hate to see innocent people killed and maimed. 

I really think the western world needs to back off of the middle East.  They don't deserve to be beaten down, humiliated, and shamed.   It is a very different culture and deserves the same respect that we want from others.


  1. Your expressions of sanity in the final two paragraphs are most appreciated.

  2. Chris, ask the Christians in Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Egypt, Syria. Saudi Arabia, and other countries where the Arab Spring or other radical regime changes have or are taking place what they think about the friendliness of Islam. Read the Quaran carefully. Do you really believe the exploitation/denigration of women is an acceptable norm?

  3. Bilmo, the Christian Bible calls for stoning to death women who are raped in cities and the killing of infants who strike or curse their parents, not to mention many others. "God" also calls for the death of people who do not believe in HIM. This means the Bible calls for killing all Muslims. Thankfully, not many take this drivel literally.

    Chris, I know many Muslims and agree with you 100%

  4. I can tell you from experience, don't carry a Quran in your car as you cross the Mexico-U.S. border. I was pulled out of line three years ago. I had it with me as I was intrigued by the book.

    I don't find it any different than the Bible as people use it as a weapon based on their interpretation. We will never see eye to eye, that is why I say bring home the troops and concentrate on more important issues. It's their religion, their culture. I don't see Middle Easterners dictating to the Americas how to live.

  5. Please look up "stoning" on Wikipedia for some interesting and current information on which countries still have stoning one their laws. Most recent was 3/2013. Even one in Mexico!