Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gone Are The Bachelor Days
My two week bachelor ship came to an end Friday morning.   Juan arrived safe and sound from Mexico City.  We now have an offer to house sit for six weeks in D.F.   The only issue are the cats.   We can't take them with us.  Finding a house sitter for us would be hard I think for a number of reasons, one being the weather in the summer.  Hot and very hot.   It would be fun, we know quite a bit about the city and it is easy to move around.  So many things on my list to see including convents and monasteries not to mention side trips to other places nearby.  The month of July may bring me a two week stint in Brazil touring major cities and speaking at EFL conventions.  We could just settle in for the summer again at Hacienda Contreras.   There we can have our pets and I can still travel when necessary.  We love it there and it fits our routine to a "T" having a gym, good restaurants and a wonderful rv park.  It's nice to have so many options now and so much flexibility.

I got a petition written up that will be sent to our local municipality.  This will be my last effort to get our street paved.  I had it written by an expert and will deliver it to all the neighbors.   Many people don't actually live here and some only come to their quintas once a year.   I am creating an email and asking the groundskeepers to deliver the petition with a cover letter explaining that they can sign, scan send it via email in hopes we collect as many signatures as possible.   I hope to get that done this week.

Repairs are coming up on the house and the pool so that get us through the rest of the year.   It looks like I am not the only one now anxious to get the house on the market and move on.

As for our striking teachers or hoodlums, the governor of the state of Guerrero has promised to do all he can with the help of video recording to bring these "machines of educational destruction" to justice.  He means business.

The air is heavy with humidity, it has been raining off and on for the last three days and looks like more is on the way.  We need rain.


  1. That was a fast 2 weeks! What to do, what to do? Lots of decisions to be made. Good luck.

  2. Understand completely, we can't leave our kitties! Maybe you could take the RV to Hacienda Contreras with the cats. Then someone @ HC will watch the cats while you both are in Mexico City/Brazil. One of you can make a trip out to the cats on a regular basis to stay a night or two with them. The best of both worlds! Make it work! You can find a way!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico