Saturday, April 6, 2013

Working On My Pension

I made a mistake the other day when I was talking with Croft about pensions.  My Afore (401K in Mexico) pays 7.71% per year.  I had said 6% but it has gone up.  Some pay higher but the bank I have mine registered with pays that amount and happens to be our bank here.  There are tons of government services on line to help me make choices about where I want the money, what low, medium and high risk plans are available.

I can retire with my Mexican pension when I am 62.   Working for myself I haven't always contributed to the fund and now I am in the final years and can pack some money into it as long as I watch the amounts.  Lolita (Mexican Uncle Sam) doesn't like us to go overboard and can penalize us tax wise.  Since I started working in Mexico way before 1997, I get the option of making withdrawals every two months or receive a pension check that is calculated as social security.  I am aiming more towards the check as it will be for life.

It is very easy to register on line and to use the services.  One is the Infonavit, which is a low-cost fixed federal housing loan which I never took advantage of.  When I retire, the money that has accumulated in the account will be paid out to me in cash.  The bank portion give me calculators with  options for funds showing long-term estimates of growth depending on the amount I contribute.   As I said, I am short on weeks but I can make those up over the next six years.

I had intermittent 12V problems over the last couple of weeks with the rv.  When we were in HC we cleaned the batteries and cables which helped tremendously.   Sal put some battery post lubricant which protects from corrosion.   Today I took it all apart and found the culprit.  I had tightned one of the nuts on the post a little too much and this was the result:

This was the cable that goes between batteries and I happened to have a spare as there were two in a box when I bought them.  All the posts now have covers on them too to keep them clean and dry.


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