Friday, April 5, 2013

Ready For The Weekend

I got quite a bit done this week.  I had plans to work in Kingsville, Tx and even found a Couch Surfer to stay with.  There were three listed there and one replied so far.  I had to tell her my plans changed from Monday in Kingsville to Friday in McAllen.   Too bad, she seems like a pretty nice person.   Maybe next time.

I still have one drawer to finish fixing in the trailer and will probably do that tomorrow morning.  I got a mail from Brian who gave me some ideas of how to fix the crappy construction of the dresser.  As I may have said the other day, one of the drawer rails was not even fastened as it was cut to short, they did attempt to screw it down but it broke right through the edge of the wood.   I could add a wood block but I have some metal pieces I think will do better.  Thanks Brian!

I had the VW in the shop this week.  Same problem as two years ago.  Hydraulic fluid leaked into the cabin underneath the accelerator.  The dealer wanted 12,000 pesos and we filed a petition with VW in Puebla saying the parts are defective and we have proof of many Pointers with the same problem.  They came back and offered us 50%  off and we still weren't satisfied.   Then I did some on line investigation and found out the complete piece doesn't need replacement but can be repaired with a kit that contains some gaskets and  other goodies.  Found a mechanic do to the work and found the kit.   Done in one day before 3 p.m., total cost 1500 pesos.   Drives like a charm.

The heat is coming again and it appears summer is here.   I need to get off my duff and get the rv washed and waxed.   I took the Pointer to the car wash yesterday in Monterrey after we got it out of the shop.  I was hoping to ask some of the guys if they wanted to earn 800 pesos to come out and do the work.  They didn't seem to interested.  I guess they are happy with their 10,000 pesos they earn each month.   1000 a week salary plus benefits and the rest in tips.   Pretty good job for someone who doesn't want to study and didn't finish secondary.

Here's what things are looking like around here.  Kind of looks like summer!


  1. Wow, 800 pesos for a wash and wax is a generous offer and still they turned you down! We got our larger rig done for 500 pesos last time.

  2. Croft, I think it is a lot of money too. But, here in the north people make much more money than in the south. If a car washer can make almost 1000 dollars a month, imagine what the rest of Monterrey makes?

    Looks like it's time to move!