Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Know How To Make Things Big

I just heard a minister say " people ran towards the wounded as sacraments of saving".   She also forgot to mention that right after the explosion there were looters who ransacked the official stand of all its merchandise that was destined as prizes for the winners of the race including jackets, hats, medals, etc. 

Sorry, but when it happens on American soil it is a big deal.  Don't get me wrong, it is a big deal.  But it is a big deal anywhere in the world when it happens.   Why is it that we change the channel and say, "oh, that's too bad" when there is a terrorist bomb in Iraq, Iran, England, or any other place this terrorist tragedy takes place.   In the U.S. we make memorials, sell souvenirs and coins to commemorate the event.

Every life that is taken by a terrorist attack is another human being.  This human being had a family, friends, children, a life, work, responsibility.  All I am saying is, it's not just us, it happens to all of us everywhere in the world.  

I mourn the loss of any human soul as I know the suffering that those that knew the person will suffer.   Imagine the magnitude;  family, friends, coworkers, neighbors.  Exponentially, the numbers continue to increase.  

However, the numbers increase in every country in the world.   Mourn all the Iraqis, Iranians, French, British and all the countries that lose citizens to these terrorist attacks when this happens, there are no boundaries.  It's like the war in Afghanistan.  How often do you hear about all the allies who have fought along side of Americans and have lost their lives or limbs in the process?   Hardly ever.  

Tragedies like this cannot have boundaries.  They are all equal in terms of collateral damage.

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  1. Excellent post Chris! Plus add to this number the families, friends, etc. of the innocents killed in ill advised "wars". Kids in school, patients in hospitals, people out shopping or in their homes.... These people are not "enemy combatants", they are just people trying to go about their lives.

    These numbers, we will never know.