Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Almost Home - Change of Direction!

 I said we were going to stay in Guadalcazar after leaving San Miguel de Allende.  Plans change and things happen.  We went to bed early last night because we received a call that we needed to participate in a web conference at 11 a.m.   We didn't want to hang around in SMA and at Guadalcazar there is no internet signal.   We decided to head to San Luis Potosi to the Paradero Potosino where we were able to connect and participate in the conference.  So our next choice was Matehuala and when we arrived the temps were dropping and will may be below 0C tonight.

We opted to check into the Hotel Las Palmas rv park.   After arriving, we hooked up our electric heater and took a nap.   Next thing we know there is a travel trailer from Oregon pulling in next to us.  We haven't seen the people because it is too cold I guess.   Then some of our Quebec friends showed up.  There are three class Bs and an A frame travel trailer.   One of the class Bs is a Safari Condo and I am waiting to see if they put up the roof to find out if it is the canvas model or the hard-sided pop top.   Here is a shot as the sun went down over us.

Paula, upon our departure from HC, gave us some homemade pasta sauce.   Juan was being a real trooper and he made a great dinner complete with brocoli, and the fresh corn that our friend Sandy gave us.   With a glass of wine, this was a great dinner after driving all day.  

We are expecting guests when we get home.  Derek, Teresa and Cassia will be heading our way and they are going to stay with us for a few days.   I also saw a comment from Wandering Mike who said he was heading down Monterrey way and I hope my email reached him and we will be expecting another guest.   Lots of room at the ranch.   Instead of swimming in the pool I think we will be ice skating!

We are missing our friends at Hacienda Contreras.  I guess there is a "come down" period after having so much fun.  I was going to say "drying out" but that implies other things!

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  1. Great to hear that there are so many RV's on the road in that area. When you said you changed direction I hoped it was west but I guess not to be this year. Yummy looking dinner Juan.