Sunday, January 26, 2014

EcoVia - Monterrey's New Public Transport

In addition to the Monterrey subway system, the new EcoVia has come on line this weekend.   The system covers 32kms.  The concrete lanes have been built down the center of major avenues and include a total of 41 stations.   The EcoVia links up with the Metro subway system at various points and also works along with the feeder routes that take people to the subway.

This weekend is free and provides trial runs.  The buses were packed with people who used it as an opportunity to pass the day riding from one end of the line and then back again.   It was a bit overcrowded but those things will all work out once it goes into service on Tuesday the 28th for paying customers.

The buses are equipped with air conditioning/heating, security cameras on the buses as well as in the stations and the big draw for customers is wifi.  This will bring in the younger set of students and workers.  The system is expecting 160,000 riders per day.

Considering the crowded conditions today, it will be a big success here in town and once the bugs are worked out it will win over ridership.  Just like our Metro line in the beginning, it took riders time to adjust to the system.


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  1. If we were there, that's definitely the way we'd travel! We look for public transportation everywhere we go... usually cheaper, more reliable and less hassle than any other way.