Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drove Home In The Dark

We were in different cities this week.   I finished around 2 p.m. and hitched a ride from a teacher to the mall on the outside of Reynosa where the 85 intersects with the 2.   I found an internet cafe there and did some work.   Juan finished at the same time in Matamoros and the teachers wanted to take him out for lunch.   He came by the mall around 4:30 as Matamoros is about an hour away.

We headed out for Monterrey and just missed rush hour traffic.   The company paid our expenses so we took the autopista.  Lots of stories to share on the way home about our three days although we were in contact everyday.   

The ride home was great.  Again, I'm not a very good blogger because I didn't have the camera with me.  The sun was going down over the mountains in front of us and the almost full moon was coming up behind us.  Truly a beautiful sight.   We saw a couple whose SUV had broken down on the side of the road.   We started to pass them up but went back.  They apparently had a bad valve that was blocking water from getting to the system and causing them to overheat.

 The toll booth was right around the corner about 10 kms away.  We took the wife to the toll booth, found the guy with the tow truck and he took her back to her husband.   They didn't have a cell phone with them so we lent them ours so he could call his son.   After we dropped off the wife we remembered they were on their way and gave them a call so they wouldn't pass the toll booth where the tow truck was taking them to avoid paying the toll.   I'm sure it all worked out and they got home safely.

We drove the last 45 minutes in the dark until we got into Monterrey.   We hit some rush hour traffic but it wasn't too bad.   We got home and had a quick bite to eat (huevo con chorizo) and I went to sleep at 9:30.   Today I am back to my routine and I am off to the gym.

I ask myself one question:   May I please get back to planning our Great North American Tour?


  1. Yes get on with your planning and no you are not a bad blogger. You tell a good story and photos are not always needed. That was vey kind of you both to go back and help that couple. A great way to end your three days.

  2. Your stories are always interesting, even without photos.

  3. I tried to leave a message earlier,but i am still getting used to this' always to get back home,after a trip.
    Love phil