Thursday, January 23, 2014

Canada - Getting Things Ready

Over the weekend we received the first of many mods to the rv for our Great North American Tour.   I had ordered this fan when I was sitting here at home and it was delivered via slow boat to a friend's house in McAllen.  They had another friend bring it down to us.  This other friend lives here in town and was happy to do it knowing what it is like to import stuff.   

I also took the charge controller in to have it checked.   Jerry suggested I take the whole trailer or have them come out but that was too much hassle.   I was hoping they would give me a loaner in the meantime but that didn't happen.  Too bad, we could have eliminated to things at the same time.  They did say that there is a board inside that can go bad and they will let me know by tomorrow.

The lists are growing for our trip; trailer, SUV, mods, maps and routes.  In fact, David gave us a map of Ontario when he was here over the weekend.  I want to get cameras installed so we can monitor activities from the house via internet.  The joke now that we have running is that we are sitting in Nova Scotia and checking the cameras on line via internet, " oh look, someone is running out of the house with the television".   I want it more to keep an eye on things that need to get done and make sure the cats are being well-taken care of.

Croft sent me an email this morning.  I had  told him we hadn't heard from Jonna and Mimi in over a year and a half.  He received a mail from a friend who was in Merida and they met up with the girls.  All is well and she no longer posts her blog.   Good for her, along as they are healthy happy and still living in Mexico.

We need to set a rondevue date and start a count down.  My idea of a pin map isn't coming together as I can find anything like it.   Others say it is a good opener for spammers.   

Another pic for the day, el maestro at work with teachers in Matamoros.



  1. Looking forward to seeing you two up in Canada this summer. How long is your trip for Chris?

    1. We will be leaving for Canada around the middle of April returning home in September.

  2. Those webcam things are fun to watch wildlife in their own habitat... could be hilarious seeing what goes on in your own home.... and my oh my... that Juan sure does clean up good ;-)