Friday, January 3, 2014

The Sun Really Does Shine

As you can see by the pictures below, the sun really does shine on Hacienda Contreras.  Yesterday and today we have had the good fortune of having the sun on our faces.  

Yesterday we drove with Brian and Sue to Guadalajara.  They had asked us to accompany them to the Zertuche store where they make hydraulic hoses.  Brian has a leak in one of his stabilizers and the hydraulic fluid was leaking out.   He had been to the store in the past and knew exactly where to go.  When we got there we showed them what we wanted and they began building the hose and the connections.  These were the exact specs and parts that were received from the motorhome manufacturer.   We were in and out of there and our way home in fifteen minutes.   Amazing that you can find everything you need in Mexico if you know the language and where to find it.

After a long day on the road, we stopped for a quick lunch in La Barca.  Nice restaurant, good food but a bit pricey.   We took the opportunity to shop at the Soriana in Sahuayo where we returned a purchase that Jerry had made.  He had bought a small radio USB speaker but a cable was missing.  Years ago this would have been a nightmare and we weren't sure what to expect from a small town.  We walked in with the receipt and stopped by the guards desk to get permission to enter the store with the product.  A clerk was standing there and asked us what was wrong and we explained.  She asked us to wait a minute and when she returned she had the same speaker in the box, opened it, took out the cable and handed it to us.  Deal done, no questions asked.  Now that is a major change.

We arrived to the rv park just in time for happy hour.  Our first outside since we arrived last week.   Wow, what a change to sit outside under the sun.  Here is part of the group.  From left to right, Peter, Peter, Sandy, and Darrel.  Heinz and Ulli invited everyone over to their place and we sat around and had a great time telling jokes and sucking up the sun.  

Peter I 's wife Linda and I doing what we do best.  

As the sun went down, Paula was able to capture this fantastic picture of the sunset over Fufi.

We are in town right now at a cibercafe and not sure what we will do.  I am working on the solar, it is working but something isn't quite right.  Batteries look full and according to the charge controller they are.  However, the digital plug in read out we have inside the 12V outlet in the rv is reading 12.1 and we were on electricity for the last few days so the batteries should be completely full.  I changed a cable terminal the other day that was bad and it helped to improve the power coming in to the house.  Hmm.  I'll keep you updated.


  1. There is likely nothing wrong with you solar. Voltage means very little about the state of your batteries. Soon as you turn on a light, the fridge, the water pump, or anything else that runs on the 12V system, the voltage will drop. It'll go right back up the minute you turn everything off. Tracking amp hours in and out (with a monitor like those made by Xantrex) is the only real way to keep track of your state of charge.

  2. Actually, voltage means everything about the state of charge of your batteries, but it is "resting" voltage that is important to know how charged they are.

    We arrived to the rv park just in time for happy hour.

    No way! Gotta love when that happens!

  3. Nice sunset! Right up there on my "great times" list with the happy hour.

  4. Rae and Kevin are right. ;) A momentary look at voltage while a load is being applied cannot tell much about your batteries but like Kevin says, the "rest" voltage of a battery with no load being applied to it and no charging taking place can tell everything about battery condition. You take this measurement after disconnecting all cables from a battery and letting it rest for a while. Then measure.

  5. Indeed, a great place for a happy hour. FWIW, I did finally post to my blog. I don't know if the link works, but here it is.

    Hope to see you soon. I plan on leaving the RGV in a week for Monterrey and points south.