Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Friends - And Snow!!!

We had snow last night.  Actually, it was more like sleet.   Covered everything and it was a real surprise when we woke up at 5 a.m.  The pic above was taken at 10:30 and as I write this in the afternoon it's still 1C but the snow is almost gone.  Plenty around for the kids to play with after school if they even went today.  They announced that all schools were open but parents make the final decision.   Last night it got down to -3C here at the house.

The arrival of bloggers to were a surprise too yesterday.  Bill and Bonnie came by and stayed at the weekend resort we belong to in Montemorelos.   They have a beautiful new motorhome that is just the right size or Mexico, 26ft with two slideouts.  We met them in Allende which is 20 minutes south of here.  They came through the Pharr bridge and down the back way to our place.   We met, chatted or a few minutes and they followed us down the highway.

At the club, they were told to park anywhere they wanted.   As soon as they were chosing a spot, the manager who lives on the property that Croft and Norma met last April came driving out.  He wants an rv and he goes nuts when we show up especially with someone who has an rv.   He loved it and had them park close to the clubhouse so they could plug in.  It's only 15 amp but it's good enough to run the furnace at night.  Bill got things setup and we had wonderful heat within minutes.

We stayed for about four hours drinking wine, talking about rv travel and Mexico.   We had  a great time and I wish we had taken the trailer down there and spent the night.   Problem is, we don't have the charge controller yet and I was afraid being winter we would get there and not have any electricity in the palapas.  Apart from that, I had to take the VW in for new rear shocks and today was the opportunity.   I am without wheels as I write.

I haven't heard from them this morning so I assume they got out okay and the roads are clear as they start their trek to Durango and on to warm Mazatlan.  I told them about Colin and Contessa and I am sure they will be knocking on your door.  Bill and Bonnie are great folks and I know we will keep in touch with them in the future.   They also gave us the okay to stop by on our Great North America Tour and I know we will.   A good time had by all.


  1. Your blog today made me think of a very important factor in our lives... if you only have 15 amp electric, you make do..... we're having a "serious" water problem here right now, but it's only as serious as you want to make it. Go with the flow... or, in your case... slide on the ice ;-) Don't forget to put us on your route when you're traveling through northern Maine.

  2. We were talking last night (over a bottle of wine) that before we had solar, we used candles. Whatever it took to be off the grid we would do it and we still do! Even with solar, you still need to be thrifty, like you said, you lear to make do. See ya soon!

  3. Bonnie and Bill arrived yesterday, the 30th at about 4:30PM. We met them on the road as we were returning from a wee adventure ( more on that later ) in our car and we stopped and asked if they needed any assistance. First thing Bill says " Are you Contessa?" They are settled into RV2 where there is more space. We are pretty full here in RV1.

  4. Contessa, I told them what great hosts you and Colin are, and what a wonderful site you guys have there at the beach. I know you'll take good care of them. I wish we could have stayed with them longer but things came up. Plus, I am sure they had enough of the snow we had! Big hugs to all!

  5. Well, we have not had snow on our adventure yet so you are alone there. And in Mexico to boot!