Saturday, January 25, 2014

Route Planning

I spoke with my brother and SIL in Boise this evening about our trip.   We are planning on meeting them in Coos Bay, OR.  They have a new rv, Class B+ and they just installed solar.  They are really excited about not having to stay in campgrounds as Idaho has lots of BLM land.   I mentioned to him that the next step would be radiant heat for those cold nights as an additional savings to the batteries.

I have sent Croft an email, this ferry thing is all new to me and I'm not sure about how we should approach visiting Campbell River, BC.   I hope we can find a place to drop the rv and take the SUV onto the ferry and then find a place to stay nearby.   

My sister and BIL who live in Reno, will most likely meet us in Yosemite.  Not sure on that yet as we will be taking the coast route up California.  We don't have a problem getting off the route but we don't want to have to back track if possible.   I lived in San Francisco when I was . . . well, a long time ago but I know Juan would like to visit there and I want to show him where I used to live.  2275 Sutter.   Amazing memory.

I am committing to producing a route map by next weekend.   We are sitting down over the next few nights going over it and there will be lots of changes and flexibility as the weeks go by.  

I may have mentioned this the other day, I am was having cold feet about our trip.   I worry about leaving the cats in someone else's care should something happen I couldn't forgive myself but hey, I need to keep an open mind and be positive that when we return, they will be here at home safe and sound.   They have weathered our week-long trips in the past but this is a long one.   My concern is that LB is 13 years old.  Maybe I'm just a nut over animals but they get lonely too.

We have an appointment with a real estate agent here in Monterrey this week.  I also have scheduled phone time with a realtor in San Antonio.   New motto, "Get'er done"! 


  1. You will be staying in our 4 Star guest room when you are in Campbell River. I emailed you a couple of choices for leaving your RV and SUV on the mainland. Planning is so much fun, eh?

  2. Just give me plenty of notice before you get to KC,so i can make my apt Chris Bauer acceptable clean.

  3. Would strongly suggest taking your trailer to Vancouver Island. We traveled for two months on VI with our 35' 5W--no problems. Went from Port Angeles WA to Victoria and left from Comox area to the mainland. Used to go fly with the Canadian Forces Rescue folks at Comox. We had a summer camp there and Mighty Mo, who never pulled a trailer, took ours from Reedsport OR to Comox. The scenery and hiking in the Mt. Washington area are mind blowing. Used to fly our helicopters up, land on Comox glacier and admire the landscape. When we last visited, chartered a light plane (with a 13 year pilot) so Mo could see what I use to see. If you have a clear day, do this!

  4. You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for years. We live on Vancouver Island and when we go south we take the ferry out of Victoria over to Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. I would suggest you take that ferry to Victoria, tour Vancouver Island and then take one of many ferries to the mainland and tour the rest of Canada.

    We have lots of room (2 acres) if you need a place to over night while on island.

    Elaine May in Saltair, between Ladysmith and Chemainus, Vancouver Island BC

  5. Years ago we took our fifthwheel over tothe island on the ferry with no problem.....good luck with the plans.....Marilyn

  6. Hi probably don't remember me,I suggested the answer to your blown fuses on the lamps..I also live on Vancouver Island ..We winter in Mexico for the last 13 years,we tow a 33'5th wheel ..We've found the cheapest route to the Island is via Anacortes to Victoria..Checkout Wash.state ferries online ..better prices for RV's. We also live in Port Alberni and have room for parking .Currently in Mazatlan two doors away from Contessa..Good luck with your plans Carol