Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our North American Tour

Now that we are home I am making all kinds of crazy lists.   The most important are the SUV and travel trailer mods and repairs.   I know nothing about trailer brakes or bearings and am now posting on the Funfinder Owner's Group and have started to ask questions.   Our motto this year is "Get 'er Done!"  That includes many things we have danced around for the last couple of years and I won't mention them now until they start to happen but I am sure you know us well enough by now to know what they are.

On the mod side of the rv we need to do the following:

  • Replace bedroom roof vent with a reversible Fantastic Fan or similar brand
  • Replace the burned out bathroom vent fan
  • Cabinet doors for the unused entertainment center where the television should go
  • Dinette table and chairs
  • Sofa arms
  • New mattress
  • Larger inverter to make all outlets live
  • Purchase LEDs for all the ceiling lights (we have them in our table lamps)
Interesting stuff and as time goes on I will explain some of them and post pictures.  Some are crazy ideas but here in Mexico everything is possible.  

The SUV needs some work.  New discs, brake pads, two new tires (we have one new set but need another replaced).  Some cosmetic stuff too such as replacing the headlight lenses.   We tried the system to renovate the plastic but it still turns crummy after awhile.   The driver's side has a broken plastic casing on the side that looks like crap and I found it on Ebay for around 20 bucks.   I also want to buy a new GPS, preferably the Garmin that Brian and Sue used when we went to Guadalajara last week.  

After the four days of heavy rains in Hacienda Contreras, I learned that we need to be prepared.   I won't leave home again without our generator.   No need to suffer if we already own one (Honda 2000).

I will probably repeat myself over the next few months so hang in there.  One of them is the interactive pin map I am looking for so we know who is on the route we will take and are interesting and available for a visit as we pass by.

We are getting excited about this and as always, getting there is half the fun.   The preparation will be a trip in itself.   We have lots to do about crossing into Canada and what we need to do to apply for visas.  I hope they don't read the blog because we don't want to get turned away :)


  1. Good for you but soon you are going to need a list for your lists!

  2. Regarding your bathroom fan, once I replaced ours with a computer muffin fan. It was quiet, did the job and used little power. We just left it on full time for the most part. used zip ties to mount it.

    Would suggest a Fantastic vent fan that has a rain sensor. We have one in the kitchen area and a Maxxi for the bedroom which we can run when it is raining---it is spendy.

  3. I just came on to make the same suggestion as bilmo on the bathroom vent fan. We replaced our noisy bathroom fan with a computer muffin (box) fan, They are 12 volt and use the same wires (and switch) as the stock fan