Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Great North American Tour Route Map


 This is the first draft of our trip.  The spots marked aren't all stops and are not the driving distances either (used just to make the map).  We can say though, that some of the stops so far are:

  • Del Rio, Tx
  • Guadalupe Natl Park, Tx
  • Phoenix, Az
  • Temecula, Ca
  • Yosemite Natl Park, Ca
  • Coos Bay, Or
  • Campbell River, BC
  • Kingston, NS
  • Cincinnati, Oh
  • La Grange, Ky
  • Kansas City, Mo
  • San Antonio, Tx
If you appear on the loop or nearby and would like a visit for a coffee, chat or overnight let us know.  We can start adding to the list.  Our email is always at the top of the blog  or here living.boondockingmexico@yahoo.com


  1. Couple of suggestions. First, you may have to adjust your Saskatchewan route a bit north, especially if we end up working at the same spot again! There is no way you're coming through Saskatchewan without stopping in! Second, you may want to adjust your northern Ontario route to instead go below Lake Superior and through upper Wisconsin and re-enter Canada at Sault Ste Marie. Mainly to save money on gas and campgrounds.

    1. Hey Kev, we're still waiting for confirmation from Canadian immigration. Juan may only be able to make one entry into Canada. That would keep us from dipping in and out. He submitted his paperwork via internet, no one here in Monterrey will give him an answer over the phone or in person.

  2. It looks like you'll be going right through Caribou, Maine... that's where Bill & I will be this summer. Even if it's "close", we'd sure love to see you.

    1. Just keep us posted as to your whereabouts! It's time to catch up.

  3. Any idea yet of starting dates and approximate dates on route cheers les

  4. Chris...mark us in we're in an RV park near Thunder Bay, Ontario...We'll be home around the end of April...early May.....Marilyn ps will give more directions later......

    1. Will do. As time goes on I will put up a real map with all our stops. I will add yours now but it won't be displayed.

  5. Do you have any approximate dates to match locations. We always run out of time, regardless. Will be going up the east coast with a trip to Europe for a Baltic Capitals cruise RT from Copenhagen flying out of NY leaving about 8/28 and returning 9/17.