Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting Ready To Head Home

We went down to the lake yesterday after the market.   When we got to the car though, we realized the keys were in the ignition.   We flagged down the police, they radioed for a locksmith but the only one in town was gone.  So they knocked on a neighbor's door and asked for a coat hanger.  They popped open the lock within 5 minutes and we were on our way.

Last night we had a surprise party at La Troje in Mazamitla for Heinz and Jerry's birthdays which fall later in the month.   This is the same great place we celebrated Sal and Barb's anniversary lat year.   They didn't know what was coming when Paula gave them their birthday hats.

The mariachis played all afternoon and I cried along.  Mariachis always get to me especially when they sing the song made famous by Luis Miguel, "MEXICO".

Here are the guys in front of the restaurant before we went home.  L to R, Heinz, Darrel, Jerry, Yours truly, Sal, Peter I, Brian, Peter II and Juan.

Ladies here from L to R, Sue, Paula, Sandy, Linda, Madelaine, Barbara, and Ulli.

We're now at Sal and Barb's house for happy hour and then we are headed back to Portal de Angel in the square for enchiladas.   We should be taking off for SMA around 9 a.m.   More later as we head back north.   We did get lots of good Canada info and I will be posting a lot about what our plans are and the changes we will make to the blog.


  1. Looks like a fun time! Bummer about the keys - one of my nightmares - that is why we each carry a set. Nice that it was opened so fast!

    Safe travels north as we travel south - we'll meet you somewhere close to the middle!

  2. Thanks for the tip about Luis Miguel...I bookmarked trip home.....Stan & Marilyn

  3. That is a great place to go for dinner. Safe trip home!

  4. We miss you two already. What a fun festive season we enjoyed together. Buen viaje, amigos! xo xo