Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Bit Of Tension In The Air

In case some of you don't know, this Saturday, August 30th is the march on Mexico. The theme of the march is, "Iluminemos Mexico". This is a pacific march that will unite all Mexicans in cities all over the country to protest the violence that has taken place over the last two years. On this blog I won't go into details, you all have read the news there is nothing I can say or share with you that would make it any better or any worse.
Unfortunately, I have to remain at home that day. As a foreigner I am not allowed to take part in the march. "Iluminemos Mexico" (We light up Mexico) will involve lots of light, lots of silence and lots of walking. Here at home, since I can't participate in the march, I will line the front wall of my house with candles as a silent protest and involvement in the activities.
The Federal and State governments have promised to resolve this issue in the next 100 days. News media, actors, senators, representatives, people of power are making it a point to count down the days as a constant reminder that we are all waiting and watching.
The air is thick, we can all feel it. Life goes on and we continue to pray that the situation changes.
How has this changed my life? Without offending anyone, I now manage my life like I did when I lived in the states taking more precautions and being more watchful. This won't stop me from moving about freely or boondocking.
I have been looking for links that talk about the march, but most of them are junk that want to negate the positive side of the activity.
Today's Activities
The rain has really taken its toll. I did get out and cut the grass. I think I saved the pool from going green and did some general clean up outside. It was sunshine all day today. Now, as I write this, the wind is kicking up and the rain is moments away.
Faith and Solidarity brings everyone together. Like all things in life, this too will pass.

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  1. You know, I'm looking for information on the march here in Mérida because I want to march. I have friends with FM3 or FM2 visas who are going to march in the one in Cancun. Well, that's assuming that Gustav stays away on Sat.

    I felt it was not a political statement (which we are not allowed to make) because the organizers specifically said politicians are not invited and because it is held in silence. Now, you are making me wonder if my reasoning is off. What brought you to the conclusion that you couldn't participate?