Thursday, August 7, 2008

Off To The Chiropractor/ I Smell A Rat!

After my class this afternoon I am stopping by the chiropractor to see about getting massage and manipulation. My sciatica is really acting up to the point where I can hardly walk. It has been progressively worse over the last month. Running on the treadmill this morning at the gym helped quite a bit but the pain in the bottom of my foot is just about unbearable. It was very difficult sleeping last night.

After they finished the grout work on the pool I had two boxes of material left. I'm stopping on the way into town to get that returned.

One good thing came out of the pool repair, at least I am hoping not to speak to soon. There was a leak that was eating up about 1 inch of water a day and part of that due to evaporation. Since I finished filling the pool, it seems to be holding its own and at the same level.

I also owe readers a an updated picture on the bridge progress. I am happy to report that one side is finished and in use and the other side is well-under way. Give these guys a big hand as they have worked in over 100 degree heat and also at night to do their best to keep the highway open and flowing. It is a huge improvement for Mexico in terms of public works projects; cost, quality and delivery time. Good on ya.

So I will post photos later this afternoon. Have a great day!

Solar and Wind Power

When I returned the grout to Gilsa, I stopped by this place next door. I pass it everyday and it has been on my "visit" list for about two months. They sell solar and wind power. I talked to them about the new place in Allende and ways to manage the electricity. They gave me great news. Now, the CFE will allow wind power in conjunction with the electric grid. So I can actually sell back energy to the CFE when things are going well. I'll tell more as I get the information. The owner is going to set up an appointment for us to talk. This is fantastic news!

I Smell A Rat

The last two days I have come home and smelled a faint odor. Not strong but it was for sure some kind of funk. So this morning I went through the refrigerator, cabinets and checked the trash can in the kitchen. Couldn't find a thing.

This afternoon after my doctor's appointment I came home and it was a bit stronger. So I started looking under all the furniture with a flashlight. To my surprise my housekeeping skills are quite good. Spic and span, but that's beside the point. I went over to the living room with my good sniffer and it was getting stronger. I looked behind the bookcases, I moved some things and nothing. What else could it be???????

I moved the sofa and lo and behold, there was the evidence. A big mouse in a not-so-good state of decomposition. Gross. Now it all comes back to me. Last week I caught the cats playing with a baby mouse. I took it outside and got rid of it. Then came another toy and I took that away from them. Little Bit has a habit of opening the patio sliding door. I close it at night before going to bed but last week I forgot. Mama must have come in and gave birth and the cats got the babies and momma died under the sofa.

The house is now decontaminated and smelling like "home sweet home"!

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