Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diesel Price Hike


The Mexican government and Pemex have raised the price of diesel to 6.48 pesos per liter. This is a 10 centavo increase. I am also finding that the border price is set at 6.21 pesos per liter but I haven't confirmed that yet.

Transport companies and bus lines are complaining about the increase although city bus routes continue to have price increases on a yearly basis depending on the rate of inflation. This could push to make it go up again but it will be a minuscule rate hike for consumers.

Here is a link: http://eleconomista.com.mx/negocios/2008/08/25/1544/aumentara-el-diesel-10-centavos-mas-el-litro-costara-648/

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  1. Just fill the tanks in Nogales, Son., MX. last week and the price was 6.11/ltr. with a 250 ltr. limit.
    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico