Monday, August 18, 2008

Locked Out - Calling El Cerrajero

Came home this morning and unlocked the dead bolt on the door and pressed down on the thingamajig to open the front door and the dilibober broke. I couldn't get in the house. The side door still had a key lock on it from our trip and of course the key was in the house.
I tried several things to get in the house but to no avail. So off I went to Santiago and found Goya our local locksmith. He came right away and said he would have to pick the lock on the side door, break the glass to undo the security lock. He attempted to pick the side door lock first but with the security lock no go. We got in the house and he took the lock apart on the front door and gave me the damage report.
He is working on it now and I'll show you the finished work later. He is charging me $70 dollars for materials and labor. Is that a good price? It has been so long since I did anything like this and there is really no one else around plus my time to run around and get estimates.

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