Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boondocking Is In My Blood
I got up this morning at 4:45, restless and thinking about the last four weeks. Tomorrow I return to somewhat of a work schedule. I got my coffee and read the RvTravel.Com newsletter, which by the way was not in my mailbox as usual, for some odd reason. After that, I headed out to the Funfinder to catch the morning news.
While I was out there I realized how much I like to be disconnected from things. I don't know why turning on the inverter and plugging in the television and the table lamp really get me going but it does. And that is exactly what I did. I tured off the breaker at the rv box I have in the driveway and turned on the inverter. I love to see my 12 Volts at work. I feel some sense of freedom.
One thing I did as I don't have the inverter hardwired, is I put an extension cord under the door jam from the inverter over to the wheel well under the table.
This vacation has been the best and if this is a prelude to what retirement is like, I have a funny feeling I'm going to like it. Travel when I want, where I want and then come home for awhile until the mood strikes me again.

Retirement Planning

I have been working on the retirement planning for some time now and it looks feasible. I think rental properties are for us. The house in San Antonio has really worked out as a trial and everythiing is automatic. Sure, we have had some very minor repairs and a conversation or two with our tenant but not any inconvenience or misunderstandings. Will they all be like that, I doubt it.

I need to study up more on Excel, I used to be good at many years ago at work. Now many things have changed and I haven't used it much. I wish I could just hire someone and give them the stats to put in and work the formulas. I may just do that.

Da Widdo Wabbit

After I walked up to the highway to buy the Sunday paper, I went out to the palapa and sat down in the fresh morning air. Hot 100 degree days but he mornings are a real blessing. I looked over in the pool and huddled in the corner was this little rabbit, scared and thirsty. I fished him out and set him free. There's still no water in the pool, they should finish regrouting tomorrow.

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