Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Blast From The Past (A Real Shocker)

Now look at this adorable baby. Isn't he a looker! So what happened? Well, he grew up to be old and cranky but has his good days too when he can be a lot of fun.

So yes, I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Anyone else out there have their birthday on August 22? I was strolling or actually running down memory lane here as I went through the photos. Here is a shot of our gang from my school. From left to right, Steve Kovak, Kevin Hunter, Tim Murphy, yes that's me in the middle, Tom Carney and Mike Allen. We used to have a lot of fun running around the neighborhood. We lived near Westport in Kansas City and went to Guardian Angels church and school. My dad went to Guardian Angels too, and my grandfather was instrumental in the church construction completed in 1929.

Then I grew up and well, the rest of the story is all down hill. I'll end up just like I started in the beginning. This shot was taken around 1987 when we went to AstroWorld in Houston. That was a fun trip. We rented a car and drove up to Houston and stayed in the Residence Inn.

I received a gift from my sister Dorothy. She is the oldest girl of my 10 brothers and sisters. I know I have mentioned her before but she is a real hoot. She's fun to be with, always looks after me and is a great cook. She makes wonderful snickerdoodles and Waldorf salad. We like to rv together, although it has been a couple of years. She likes to walk and we talk and laugh about all kinds of things. She's like my second mom. Anyway, I sure love her a lot and she sent me a homemade soy candle for my birthday. Thanks Sis! That's her, second on the right with the navy blue T-shirt.

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