Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pemex Station Owners Ask To Control Diesel Sales
Interesting article in today's El Norte regarding the exploting sales of diesel fuel at border stations. Apparently, truckers, pickup owners with large tanks, are filling up with diesel and selling it back in the U.S. Remember that fuel in Mexico is heavily subsidized especially diesel product. This is meant to help transportation of goods and people via big rigs, autobuses and city buses. We have seen an influx of 10 year old diesel pickups which is allowed by Mexican law via importation by Mexican nationals from the U.S.
One proposal is on the board for review now that could affect rvers at least at border crossing time and affect those Americans living along the border. The proposal is to change "X" number of pumps at each border station for use by Americans and Canadians based on their license plates. These pumps would have a price per liter similar to the U.S. price. The idea is to halt the contraband sale of fuel from Mexico to the U.S. side. Although the U.S. border agents are checking, some points allow up to 200 gallons of fuel, suspect by many as people who would be re-selling fuel. In addition, as most people know, there are many uncontrolled border crossing many which are used on a daily basis by local Mexicans as well as Americans.
However, this recent phenomena is affecting local economies to the point where just last month, Tijuana literally ran out of diesel fuel and had to wait the weekend while a Japanese tanker delivered 300,000 gallons of the stuff to the port just south of the city.
I witnessed this trend on my last trip to San Antonio. I had stopped at a border station just outside of the Columbia bridge. While filling up, I saw many big rig trucks without trailers waiting in line. I asked the attendant and he said that they were the same ones who were making the trip 3 to 4 times a day only to return to the U.S. side to sell the fuel to American truckers heading North.
SiteMeter Wreaking Havoc
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  1. I for one would support this move to increase fuel prices for non-Mexican plated vehicles in the border areas. Once again it is a few greedy individuals taking advantage of a situation who will spoil things for everyone else.