Sunday, August 31, 2008

Paseo Santa Lucia - You Gotta Come See Our Riverwalk!

Because they were expecting large crowds, I debated between taking the bus into town or driving. Monterrey is a big place with over 3 million residents. In the end, we decided to take the car and park it at Cintermex Convention Center which is located at Parque Fundidora at the South end of the riverwalk. We walked from the hotel to the river and saw the boats going by. The boat could take us all the way to the MacroPlaza but we decided to walk and a good thing we did.

The place is even better than when it opened last year. The riverwalk is well-maintained; gardens, walkways, grassy area, water. It is really a sight to see. I highly recommend all tourists and rvers that are passing by Monterrey to come a take an evening walk. It is safe, secure and clean. There are museums and restaurants along the route. A little of everything for everybody. Here, you be the judge!

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  1. Your photos of the Riverwalk are making it more difficult for me to delay a trip to Monterrey!