Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breakfast At Sanborn's

This morning I met with a friend, Robert, at Sanborn's. Sanborns's is famous for their Enchiladas Suisas. They are chicken enchiladas covered with a fresh green tomatillo sauce and Swiss cheese. No, I didn't order that. We each asked for a plain old omelet.

I met Robert at one of the companies I teach in. He was working in an institute at the time. I had promised myself that when I was nearing retirement I would find someone to carry on my work and to teach them the best way to make money as an English teacher here in Mexico. Most institutes charge companies lots of money for many years and offer bad service by hiring people who speak English, not teachers.

Well, I saw something special in Robert. He is from Panama but is also an American citizen. We began talking one day and he seemed interested as well as a good teacher. I asked around town about him and only got good reports. So now he works as a consultant and makes much more money than he ever thought he would. He recently married Brenda and they are starting a life together and I wish them the very best.

Today we got together to continue working on his business plan. He is young and has good ideas. I know he will do well. He recently got married to Brenda and I wish them the very best.

Sometimes you have to pass on your good fortune to others, it only seems right.

Still waiting on an answer about the Durango. My way or the highway!

No News On The Durango

As of this evening, the price has dropped on the Durango an acceptable amount. As for the price to trage the Nissan X-Trail, we are at a standoff. So far, I'm not budging. Stay tuned.

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