Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Busy Day - Missy Really Isn't Who You Think She Is

I really have a full plate today. I have been working with the pool getting it filled and the water stabilized. It was filling all night. I went out this morning around 5 a.m. and it was almost full. I decided to wait until it finishes filling and then I will start the filter to mix the chemicals.
After my second cup of coffee, I looked at the bedroom window and to my surprise, Missy jumped in the water. She was in and out of the pool while it was empty and I guess she didn't realize what the water was all about. Do you think she learned her lesson?
Missy Really Isn't . . . .
who you think she is. For the last couple of weeks I have been keeping a secret. On the big trip I discovered that Missy was hiding something. Missy is really a "he". So now the dilemma is, how do I handle this? I can't change he(r) name and I won't keep using parenthesis to talk about he(r). (S)He has become accustomed to things around the house and the big cat, Little Bit, has taken he(r) in as a child. Great, Little Bit is a boy too and he is acting like a mother. What have I done? Thank God I don't have kids, could you imagine how they would have turned out! Scary, huh?
Starbuck's And A New Friend
I received an email from Beth about a week ago. Beth and her husband recently moved to Saltillo from the U.S. for work. She sent me an email about the blog and we started exchanging mails. She is taking Spanish classes and that is a great thing. Most foreigners just don't do that. So Beth sent me a mail and we are having coffee today at Starbucks. I will update you on our meeting and visit.

I love it when people stop by for a visit and I am always willing to help newcomers or rvers when they come this way.

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