Thursday, August 14, 2008

English/Spanish - What Do You Think?

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I'm getting lots of requests from local people about the blog. They say they like the pictures but they don't know English. Should I publish the blog in English and Spanish?

Today I will post a survey question and I hope all of you will answer. One good thing is that I can boost readership about rving, camping and tourism here in Nuevo Leon even with Mexicans as many don't know much about what is around them. The other is, for those you are interested in learning Spanish, here is one more avenue to read in the target language.

Keep in mind, I am a pretty good Spanish speaker. A writer? Now that is another question.

Autopista Durango - Mazatlan

The target date has been set for the termination of the Durango-Mazatlan autopista. According to Presidente Felipe Calderon, the highway will be in working order in 2012. It will contain the largest bridge in Latin America. It will be over 1 km in length.

The problem with this highway has been the obstacles of the canyon (400 meters deep) and the many mountain passes that stand in its way. It will include dozens of smaller bridges and tunnels. In the end, the road will take you from the East coast (Tampico) all the way through to the West coast in Mazatlan.

There are several videos in YouTube under the search of "Carretera Durango Mazatlan".

You Don't Need To Look Very Far . . . .
Tonight I had my appointment with the rehab people to work on my hip problem. I thought it was sciatica but it appears to be a soft hip muscle that is not supporting the hip joint. The treatment was great, I feel like a million pesos. The therapists are from Cuba and worked in hospitals there. They gave me exercises to do everyday to strengthen the muscle in my left hip.

On the way home I took this picture of sunsets. We used to think the only place to see a sunset was in Maui. But after a couple of trips there, we discovered that the sun always sets wherever you are. You just need to look for it and appreciate it. Find a spot, fix a drink, put on Astrud Gilberto and sit back and enjoy. I took this tonight on my way home. You be the judge! Click on the picture to get a better look.

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  1. Hey, man, I'm posting this from Mazatlan, on the West Coast of Mexico. First, you don`t need to post in Spanish because Google has an excellent translator. All you have to do is open the translator, write de Web Page's URL on it, click on the option and... Bingo! You can also choose Italian, French and many other popular languages.

    Secondly,the highway you mentioned runs from Matamoros to Mazatlan right now and continue to keep the same route once is finished. It will shorten the driving time from 6 hours to 2 and a half. Tampico is a sister city of Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, on the border zone of Veracruz. Matamoros is the mexican partner city of Brownsville, Texas.

    By the way, I was looking for your name on your info site but there`s no mention to it. Any special reason to hide your name, uh?