Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Back Now - Internet Problems


I have been without internet since Sunday afternoon. What a bummer! I just got it fixed and will be reporting soon.
Yesterday, I made an offer on the Durango SUV. I took it to Syma a well-known mechanic shop on Fleteros and Gonzalitos. They work and look like a dealer but their prices are much better. A complete check up on the car; engine, wheels, brakes, lighting, interior, exterior, etc. came to 575 pesos whereas the dealer charges 2100 pesos. The Durango came out with an excellent report. The front bumper had been dented and repainted once, the side door with a small crunch, needs a minor tuneup and a good waxing (Syma also has body and interior detailing shops and car washes).
Now we play the cat and mouse game. I came in low he came in high. He says it is on consignment and he won't make any money. Right!!!! Either it happens right or I walk away.
The pool went green for a couple of days and I fixed that with clarifier and cleaned it all up. Chemicals are added and being adjusted as the day goes by.

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