Friday, August 1, 2008

Cabins For Rent - Zaragoza, NL


An addition to the state park in Zaragoza are some great cabins for rent. A bit pricey but well-built, warm and complete with linens, kitchen cookware, etc. They sleep up to 6 to 8 persons, one, two and three bedroom and prices start at 60 dollars a night. Each cabin has a driveway, palapa and grill. A great option for those who maybe campers or want to leave their big rigs behind for a couple days and tour the south of Nuevo Leon. Webpage for Parque El Salto

Inexpensive Housing-Yesterday's Blog

Yesterday I mentioned inexpensive housing. Not every gringo can afford to live in a beachfront condo in Mazatlan. In fact, there are many foreigners on a budget and Mexico can be a good option. Imagine a person living on social security and owning a home. If it were me, I would sell my house, buy a nice place in Mexico in a nice neighborhood paying cash and putting the reserve of my money from the sell of my American home in some type of investment. Direct deposit of your SS check in a Mexican bank practically guarantees your residency papers and property ownership. Choosing a mild climate, low-cost city, and a nice neighborhood one could easily get by with 800 dollars or less a month. You would be living much better here than in the U.S. taking into account dentists, doctors and prescriptions plus you would have money in the bank to fall back on for emergencies and maybe a yearly cruise. JMHO

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