Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Truck Without A Name . . . . .

Let's see how many family members see this post and send me an email! It's a done deal and I think we got a good deal to boot. The Durango is home safe and sound but the big dilemma is, what do we name it? By the way, you may wonder why we refer to our SUVs as trucks. We call the SUV in Spanish a camioneta? So in English that pretty much translates to a truck.

Take a look at this beauty with a 5.7 Hemi. Does it suck up fuel, oh you bet. But remember that the plan is to have the Durango as a tow vehicle. I'm a bit tired of being passed up on mountain roads by rancheros with sombreros riding their burros, and kids riding their bikes past me, pointing and laughing! The plan now is to sell Patty (please don't say anything as she is a sensative gal and I don't want any problems. She will most likely be replaced by a Chevy Pop or a Peugeot 206 or even a Ford Fiesta. Time will tell. Let's keep it a secret in the meantime.

Any suggestions for a Durango name send me an email?


  1. I would name her Daisy. Daisy Durango. It just "fits" Love the blog by the way. Don't remember how I found it, but I tune in daily.


  2. Name for a Durango??
    I'd call it the "Charles Starrett".... If you don't get it write me and I'll tell you why.
    Bob Cox, Apizaco, Tlaxcala..