Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mexico Maps - Prepare For Winter Travel

Don't delay in ordering your maps. It has become so easy now to order on line. In fact, Target is selling Mexico state maps on line. These maps are from Ediciones Independencia. I like them because they seem to show more detail than the Guia Roji and are easy to read. Here is a description of the maps from the Target website listed below:

Spanish-language map of Mexico with state boundaries outlined in color. Inset maps of greater Mexico City and 14 other popular tourist areas. Includes a comprehensive table of distances between major cities and a guide to highway/street signs. Scale 1:3,350,000.

Maps Gone Tomorrow offers both the Guia Roji and Ediciones Independencia.

Also order direct from Guia Roji. I don't know what their shipping charges are but I assume it is shipping direct from Mexico.

I did a survey here on the blog a couple of months ago regarding interest in purchasing maps from me. Just so you know, I am not selling maps although I would have sold the Ediciones Independencia. They are a smaller company and produce an excellent set of Mexico state maps and atlas. I always like to give the small guy an opportunity.

The Guia Roji offers their maps on CD and now have the IntelMap for major cities (very expensive at $1000 (u.s.) ).

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