Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop The Rain, Please!

It has been raining all weekend and the forecast if more rain this week. I left the gym this morning heading to my morning classes and the rain just came down in sheets. Black clouds are hanging low over the city and flash flooding is occuring.

I had some trouble getting to the house. I past this creek about 5 miles north of the house. I found a way around it but I saw this guy coming through. The current was a bit strong.

So I started to get worried as there is a dry wash that crosses the road to my house. It was pretty high and I took the risk of crossing it.
So now I am at home preparing my classes for this afternoon. I dread heading back into Monterrey but the job has to get done. Now that I see out in front of the porch, I may need hip boots to get to the car. Last Thursday's Lunch With Andreina

I forgot to post the pic from last Thursday's lunch with my beautiful friend Andreina. She was here in town from D.F. for work and we were able to talk for about an hour. We met at the Fiesta Inn where she had stayed the night with the rest of her coworkers.

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